Unflattering Photos of Fascists (AK Press, 2020)


From the AK Press promotional copy:

Christopher Ketcham introduces us to a nightmare landscape that is peculiarly
American. Alt Righters. Neo-nazis. Boogaloo Bois. White nationalists. Western
chauvinists. These creatures roam the streets, often indistinguishable from their
wider kin, the Trumpenvolk. These motley groups come together occasionally to
threaten, bully, and assault others, seeking “safe space” for their hate. They are
pathetic. And our photos show it.

Jeff Schwilk has been fighting hate in the Pacific Northwest for decades, most
recently by capturing these goons as they terrorize the people of Portland, Oregon,
and beyond. The essays and images in these pages expose these soldiers of
intolerance, while reminding the rest of us that love, solidarity, and mutual aid are
the weapons that will defeat them. The material in this book powerfully reminds us
that communities of compassion must work vigilantly to unite against intimidation
and hate.

Over thirty of Schwilk’s color photos are accompanied by essays contextualizing the
subject matter. Together, they investigate the rise of American fascism and
authoritarianism in our current era. They also measure the shrinking distance
between full-blown fascists and regular, rage-fueled white Americans animated by a
petty, imagined victimhood. The contributors shine a light on these bigots, who
crawled out from under their rocks lured by the dog whistles of racist politicians
and Alt Right provocateurs—the better to send them back into the darkness where
they belong.