Drought, Wolves, Plagiarists, Our Eastern Forests Ruined, and the Deserts of Utah too

    I’ve been neglecting this website for more important things — like, you know, life — but readers have been complaining. Forthwith an update on my latest work. In Harper’s last April: a story of drought and the Southwest. In Vice Magazine last February: a story of infiltrating a bloodthirsty wolf-and-coyote derby in Idaho, where contestants race to kill the greatest number of wild canids in the shortest time.

    In the American Prospect in February: an investigation of the ongoing rightwing/GOP effort to deregulate and privatize the public lands of Utah.

    In Nautilus Magazine in April: a piece about what happens when there are no wolves in the woods to keep deer in check. Hint: the deer, like humans (who also have no wolves to keep them in check), ruin the ecosystem.

    Finally, in the New Republic this month, an investigation of lefty hero and author Chris Hedges, who turns out to be a serial plagiarist.

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