Latest pieces: The Wild Coyotes of New York…Harper’s…Earth Island Journal

    Couple pieces to check out: I’ve been spending time hunting in the Bronx and Manhattan for the wild coyotes of New York City, which I write about in the latest issue of Orion magazine.  Earth Island Journal published my piece about night-hiking in the canyonlands of Utah and the disappearance of true night in America.  Also, for those who missed it, my latest piece in Harper’s is out electronically, here.

    Finally, if you use Google or its applications such as Gmail – and of course you use Google, given its monopoly control over the search engine market and much else on the Web – you’re feeding the beast with data that in turn is likely being fed to the US intelligence services, or, at the very minimum, is being catalogued and archived by a corporation whose wealth and power depends on the privatization of the informational commons created by user data.  Read about it here in my piece, co-authored with writer Travis Kelly, called “The Google Panopticon.”  So much for Google not being evil.

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