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The Trouble with Corporate Personhood: Freedom of Speech for Buy Amoxil a Fiction

Wednesday, Amoxil online usa February 3rd, 2010

I often correspond with a long-time Washington DC operator named Leigh Ratiner, who spent 40 years in government, serving under Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford and Buy Celebrex Reagan, Amoxil online usa with cabinet-level posts in the Defense Department, under the Secretary of the Interior, in the Department of Buy Avodart Energy, and in the State Department. Usually I’m prompted to contact [...]

Why We Needed George Bush for an Emergency Third Term

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

[Note to readers: I wrote this for CounterPunch back in May 2009, but was reminded by a friend to re-post it, as the Buy Avodart Obama administration descends continuously into the nightmare...] My good friend Travis, from Moab, Utah, Amoxil online usa got it into his heat-scarred head that Obama, following the historic election, would soon be taken out – [...]

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