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The End of the Economy: or, Some Thoughts on How to Economize

Sunday, how to buy proscar November 16th, 2008

The good news for economy – I use the word in its old, perhaps archaic, sense – keeps on generic cialis for sale coming, but we are told the glucophage sale current “economic” crisis is a tragedy for the nation’s living standards. Far from it. First of all, let’s define economy. What we are hopefully entering is a period of real [...]

An Assassination Bail-Out Plan for Corporate America? Feeling Fear from an Old Musket

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

An Open Letter to Congress Dear Sirs/Madams: You in the corporate execugarchy in this country have forgotten the shape and cialis cheapest price for sale name of fear – and yes I mean you, dear congressmen, genuine cialis whose work has gone hand in hand with big money for too long, running amok in the sea lanes of American society, piratical, parasitic, [...]

Let It Collapse: On the Social Benefits of buy levitra canada Creative Destruction

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

So the tax-payer hand-out will “save” Wall Street from its own predations. Any reasonable man, of course, would wish the pig-fuckers to fry in their own feces. Let the free market carry out their corpses to the gutter. And mine too, perhaps, for as a magazine writer I depend on the order cheap amoxil without a prescription thoughtlessness and blind-mole cupidity [...]

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